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Mayor Praises Work Efforts By Coldwell Banker Reeves Realty

Sullivan Mayor Dennis Watz, Tuesday, November 5, praised the recent efforts of Coldwell Banker/Reeves Realty for the beautification work the company along with several volunteers did to the downtown area.

Watz, under the Mayor Input portion of the meeting stated he appreciated the effort and beautification work put forth by Coldwell Banker Reeves Realty, for the beautiful flowers, mulch and weed control work done in the downtown and roundabout area.

The work was done on these areas during the month of September and late October.

According to Rachel Shoemaker, Coldwell Banker Reeves, this is the second year for the agency to conduct its downtown project to spruce up the area.

“Ken Reeves and I really wanted to pick up where we left off last year on this project,” said Shoemaker. “We did some cleanup work and beautification of the flowers beds in the downtown last year but this year we really took it up a notch with help from others that included mulch being donated by Paul Lawrence in memory of his wife and former agent with us Jeanette Lawrence, Lori Price, Michelle Yoest, Debbie Campbell, Alan Mastin, Frick’s Market, several of our staff and I’m sure I’m missing someone, worked on the downtown for the band festival and downtown fall festival. Ken and I knew we would have a lot of people coming to our area and we wanted to really show off our community.”

Shoemaker stated that the volunteer efforts really help shine off the city when we have guests coming into Sullivan which is good for the community and good for business.

“The downtown has always been a big deal for Ken Reeves not only during his days with Fidelity but during his life here in Sullivan and ownership of Coldwell Banker,” said Shoemaker. “The work that was done in the downtown also brought some color with the flowers in the islands along with the mulch. It really looked nice.”

Shoemaker also stated that for the roundabout project, Ken Reeves, took that upon himself to go down and work to make this center of downtown city hall traffic, shine as well. Reeves spent a weekend working on this project, which also caught Mayor Watz attention.

Shoemaker stated this was the second year Coldwell Banker has worked on this project and they are planning to continue their work for years to come.

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