FCSO Warns Residents Against Scammers

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning after a man impersonated a deputy and instructed a resident to buy a $250 money pack for not showing up to jury duty.

Sheriff Steven Pelton reminds citizens that law enforcement does not conduct business this way and to never share financial information over the phone.

“The sheriff’s office is asking you to share this information as it is getting close to tax time and this, along with the IRS phone scam, is common this time of year,” Pelton said.

The latest scam attempt involved a man calling a subject and identifying themselves as “Mark Richardson.” 

The scammer told the resident that after getting the money pack, to give him the number off the card.

The victim bought the card and put money on it, but refused to give the scammer the number until speaking with him at the sheriff’s office.

“Mark Richardson” then told him if he didn’t give it to him over the phone he would be placed under arrest when he arrived.

The victim refused and did not give out the money.

When the sheriff’s office attempted to call the number back, it appeared to be disconnected.

Pelton said it is possible the number was created with a “spoof” app.

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