• Ed Worley at the Crawford County Commission meeting in 2016

Worley Returns To Question Commissioners

Ed Worley — the former Crawford County Presiding Commissioner — made his return to the commission room Tuesday for the first time in nearly two years to fire questions at the commissioners and criticize the sales tax increase.

Worley frequently showed up to commission meetings as the August 2016 primary approached. He had criticism for County Clerk John Martin, former District 1 Commissioner Paul Watson, Presiding Commissioner Leo Sanders and county officials as a whole for the budget.

Worley on Tuesday said he was asked by a group of people if he would represent them at the commission meeting to pose questions. 

His first question was about trucks. “Why are we buying trucks over $100,000 with chrome wheels and aluminum beds and not putting gravel on roads?” he asked.

When District 2 Commissioner Jared Boast tried to answer, Worley cut him off.

“I don’t need an answer right now,” he said, continuing on with his line of questioning.

Boast later explained that he purchased a truck with an aluminum bed because it holds up better and there are no chrome wheels.

Worley then asked if any county vehicle was being used on private property. Boast and District 1 Commissioner Rob Cummings said no.

He moved on to criticizing the condition of some of the roads in Boast’s district, naming Argo Road, Gerth Road, Mound Road, McPherson Road and Old Springfield Road. 

“Terrible,” Worley said, describing some of the roads “bladed down to the dirt” and chip-and-sealed roads showing potholes. 

Worley would not let Boast answer, but Boast later responded that each of the roads he named receive regular maintenance. Boast said he could provide receipts showing that rock had gone to those specific roads.

On the recently passed sales tax increase, Worley said the commission should put “some of the extra $1 million you get” and put it into road and bridge, though co-mingling of those funds is not allowed. 

Worley said he has talked to people who are “mad” about the sales tax because they did not realize they would still owe personal property and real estate taxes. “People don’t understand that,” Worley said.

The Independent News reported multiple times before the election that residents would still owe taxes to the schools, fire districts, ambulance districts and any other taxing entity, but not to the county.

Correction: This article has been updated. In the May 9 issue of the Independent News, it was incorrectly stated that Worley named Old Highway 66. He named Old Springfield Road.

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