Sales Tax Down From Last September

Crawford County’s general revenue sales tax was down slightly from September 2016, but has made an incremental gain overall.

A little more than $94,000 was collected in September, down from $101,418.42 in September 2016 — a decrease of 7.24 percent.

Through September, the county had collected $938,966.31, up from $922,396.48 collected through this time last year.

Despite the decrease, September’s collection represents the second-highest collected in that month. From 2011 to 2015, the county hovered between $87,000 to $92,000.

LEO/Capital Improvement

The separate law enforcement and capital improvement taxes each generated around $92,746.64. It is a decrease of just under 1 percent from September 2016.

The LEO tax — which supports the jail bond payment and other operations — and the capital improvement tax has collected $865,241.37 in 2017.

It is an increase over the $845,547.42 that was collected through September 2016.

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