Indian Hills Resident, Worley Question Commissioner

Crawford County District 2 Commissioner Jared Boast was questioned on Tuesday by an Indian Hills resident concerning foreman Kenny McGraw and former presiding commissioner Ed Worley about roads.

Resident Jim O’Fallon said he watches his neighbor’s property, which is mowed by McGraw’s company Mighty Mow. O’Fallon said a county truck that said District 2 showed up. “We don’t have any county roads,” O’Fallon said about Indian Hills.

Boast said the county commission has multiple responsibilities, until he was cut off by O’Fallon. 

“I’m not finished,” Boast said, explaining that the road districts assist the health department with water and sewer permits or assist on culverts. 

“When I asked the man what he was doing, he said he was there to show his yard crew what to cut,” O’Fallon said. “That’s what he was there doing. Why is a guy doing private business there on county time in a county truck? I’d like to have an answer. I know he wasn’t there for septic tank work or ditches.”

McGraw was on call during the meeting and unavailable. “If that’s what he told you, that’s what he told you,” Boast said. 

O’Fallon said he couldn’t remember when it occurred or what time of day, but Boast promised to look into it. 

Worley took over from there, pushing back against accusations made by Blue Springs Ranch owner JR Isom a week earlier. Worley said Isom is known to be “a very radical person” with accusations that he said weren’t factual. He said he never promised Isom anything concerning a road.

Isom said Worley took money out of road and bridge and put into general revenue. Worley denied it a week earlier, but said Tuesday it was done, but not by him. 

“There was a purpose behind it. I didn’t even know it happened,” Worley said. 

Presiding Commissioner Leo Sanders said if Worley had an issue with Isom, he needed to take it up with him. 

“He came in a public meeting accusing me of these things and I want to clarify it in a public meeting,” Worley said.

Worley then asked Boast how he determines which roads need to receive chip and seal. Boast said there are many factors, including previous maintenance and traffic count.

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