County Sets Tax Levy At .0899

At the recommendation of County Clerk John Martin, Crawford County commissioners voted Tuesday to set the 2017 tax levy at .0899, down from .2900.

The county will take a $101,000 hit in the general revenue in the 2018 budget after being forced to roll back a surplus the last two years.

Presiding Commissioner Leo Sanders said it puts the 2018 budget in an even more precarious position, but it’s something he feels has to be done.

“We owe it to the people of Crawford County to make it better,” he said. “This is a good start.”

After the county was criticized for overcharging taxpayers on their property taxes by the Missouri State Auditor’s Office, Martin leaned on nearby counties for the best way to accurately set the levy.

The process is complicated.

Read more in the Sept. 6 issue of the Independent News.

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