Take A Knee?

Dear Editor:

If it quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, then it's a duck. If the players coaches, and team owners of the NFL kneel, sit, or hide in tunnels while the National Anthem is performed, they are obviously objecting to the National Anthem.Our nation's flag, the subject of our National Anthem, is also a point of their objection. Disregarding whatever excuses they are giving, this is how many people see their dissing of the flag and the anthem.

Several years ago, the University of Missouri at Columbia went through a similar experience with a few students and some professors. The taxpayers of Missouriwho supported this college showed their displeasure and, without going into details, all Missourians know that this once great college is now only a shell of itself. If all NFL personnel would read up and study the past few years of that college's history, then perhaps they would see what their own future holds.

Marv Prater

Sullivan, MO

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