Immature, Bad Behavior

Dear Editor:

Within the space of  two days I've heard of two events that  show how our elected local officials seem to think they get away with immature, bad behavior! 

1. Our own Crawford County District 8, US Representative, Jason Smith, yelling out in Congress, "Go back to Puerto Rico!" 

2. Our own Crawford County  Clerk, John Martin, calling out a fellow county elected official in public by interjecting petty comments! "If I don't hear the word "please" out of that woman's face at least once, she's on her own." (As reported in the Steelville Star, 1/17/19).

We need to handle ourselves with integrity and compassion, toward all human beings, all the time!  Why do these folks seem to think acting like this is Okay? Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? 


Ellen Bowles 

Steelville, MO

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