How About Jesus For Christmas?

Dear Editor:

This is the season for giving and receiving gifts. But what about the greatest gift of all? Jesus is the precious Son of God who left heaven and came to earth to be born not in a king's palace but in a manger. This precious baby grew up to become the sacrifice for our sins.

Jesus knew before coming to earth that he would die on the cross of Calvery in order to pay the price for our sins. He came anyway. Can we even begin to imagine the love of Jesus for us, a love that was so strong that he stayed on the cross of Calvery giving his very life so that we can have the opportunity to take him as our Lord and Savior, receiving forgiveness of our sins and the promise of spending eternity in heaven with him? There is no greater love than that shown by Jesus for us. There is no greater gift than the forgiveness of our sins which brings the salvation promised by Jesus for those of us who give our lives to him in obedience to his word as found in our Bibles.

For anyone who has not done so already, what better time is there than the present to take Jesus as our Lord and Savior, to accept the greatest most precious gift of all times, the gift that brings the promise of living with Jesus in heaven for all of eternity?

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