Common Sense Can Fix The Problems

Dear Editor:

This being my final trustee meeting, I have a few thoughts about East Central College. I've said many times, that East Central is the best thing that's happened to many people in Franklin county, Missouri over the past 50 years. Except for God and my family, East Central is high on my list and I hope that it always will be.

There have been many changes since I've been involved at East Central. In the past, we seemed to get by with much less, people were happier, and individuals involved with East Central helped each other; much like a family would. I don't know what has happened to common sense and The Golden Rule in education. It seems to me to be just as important now as ever. Good or bad, it is my understanding that the liberal courts ruled that East Central had no choice but to let a union enter with a certain percentage of signers. I don't know if Franklin County, MO was ready for that. That being said, over the years, East Central has made many great improvements and positive changes.

Problems at East Central have been around for awhile now. We need for our leaders and spokespersons, currently at East Central, to take the bull by the horns and make things happen. Combine that, with good common sense, and we can fix the problems in house. Quit the blame game and remember that East Central is here to educate. If we can't solve our concerns at East Central with the people we have on our current team, I don't think throwing another person or more money in the mix will solve it either. There's always enough blame to go around, but with some good common sense in force, I doubt if the same people that are here now would ever let the ball drop through the cracks again.

I wonder why America has fallen behind many other countries in education. East Central has a great opportunity to encourage some young people to think about a vocational career. It seems that some times our young people get caught up in the political world where upon graduation, they are led to believe by some liberal professors that they are entitled to something. On the other hand, many young people understand that this isn't the American way, and that privileges come through hard work, determination, and commitment. We have all seen many changes over the past 50 years, some good and some bad. At the end of the day, one thing that hasn't changed and never will, is God and His promises.

Don Kappelmann

New Haven, MO

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