Pine Street Project Showing Signs Of Progress

The long-awaited Pine Street may finally be showing progress following a report from Mayor Dave Lafferty on September 24.

The project has been stalled the entire year and it’s been 19 months since the city announced it received a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to remake the street.

According to the late Danny Skaggs, Bourbon’s former mayor that passed away September 12, getting City Engineer Dick Rammstein active was holding up progress. 

Lafferty said there will be a workshop on Tuesday, October 8 with officials from the Meramec Regional Planning Commission. That night, the council will meet to go over what was discussed.

“I don’t want the board to be left out,” Lafferty said. “Things need to be approved by the board. In the past, that wasn’t done. If you have input I want to get it.”

Lafferty said he wants to get Rammstein involved, too. He admitted that the city won’t get much done this year, but they will be reaching out to Keith Roach on using his company as part-time employees to do concrete work.

The board agreed to $25 per hour.

“I talked to Keith and applications were passed out, but nothing has been done yet,” Lafferty said. “We worked out a price and he said he would get the paperwork to city hall.”

During the meeting in August, Skaggs said the city needed to get some of its in-kind work started by the end of the year to show officials in Jefferson City that they were making an effort. 

Skaggs told the board that there was a real danger in losing out on the grant entirely. 

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