Coldwell Banker Works To Beautify Downtown Sullivan

Downtown Sullivan along Clark Street and Main Street got a much-needed facelift this past week as Coldwell Banker-Reeves Realty completed a project to bring beauty to the area.

According to Rachel Shoemaker, Coldwell Banker-Reeves Realty, the project came about as part of a community service project.

“Our office has always been very involved in the community but I had this wild idea that we could do more and after some thought, I went to Ken Reeves and told him I had been thinking about a community service project for our group,” said Shoemaker. “I explained that I thought the downtown flowerbeds were looking pretty rough and I would like to see us get them cleaned up.”

From that moment, Shoemaker and Reeves got together and drove the area and decided that there were several things they could do to help improve the appearance.

“Some of the flowerbeds had bushes encroaching halfway across the sidewalks, some had pretty nasty sprouts growing up in the middle and some of the flowerbeds had absolutely nothing growing but weeds,” said Shoemaker. “So we contacted the city and asked if we could help, set a date and took six of our real estate agents downtown and got to work.”

Shoemaker stated that in eight days, working a few hours a day, the group was able to cut back bushes, dig out the sprouts, pull weeds and purchase some mums for many of the flowerbeds.

The area of focus was from Clark Street near Fidelity to Main Street at the railroad tracks.

“We even had a few kids from the Life House Youth Center come along with us in the mentor program and give us a hand. They were a huge help,” said Shoemaker. 

The Coldwell Banker-Reeves Realty crew is not done, according to Shoemaker, as they will next target other improvements and expand their work possibly to the roundabout area, near City Hall.

“We’re not done yet, we’d like to do something with the big bed at the intersection of Clark and Main,” said Shoemaker. “We’d like to see something nice in this area. It’s a big space and pretty empty in the middle. We’ve envisioned a nice eagle statue or something that would honor our Sullivan High School.”

While doing the work the company received many compliments from those passing by and complimented how colorful downtown looked with the new mums.

“We’ve heard compliments like, “downtown is so colorful now,” it’s really great that people have noticed what we were doing and they appreciate it. I’m very proud of our group and we’ve got some great people in our office that truly care about the community they live and work in,” concluded Shoemaker.

Coldwell Banker-Reeves Realty would also like to extend a hand to other businesses in the community to get involved and follow them in making the community an even better place to live.

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