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My Thoughts…. ECC Closing Sullivan/Alderman Michael Ryan Jr./New Web/E-Edition Coming

By James B. Bartle

As the weeks and years continue to roll by, I often realize that as an Editor, I really should get myself disciplined to writing an editorial each week.

The problem I have is that I feel some things are better left unsaid, I shouldn’t express my opinions or thoughts every week as people may get bored, but this week I felt compelled to write about three things weighing heavy on my mind.

First the closing of the Sullivan campus of East Central college, which was announced this week.

I have some really strong feelings and questions I have posed to the College that are concerning to me and have asked for some responses.

I want to give the college time to respond to them and its not an effort to make them look bad in any way.

However, as a taxpayer in the ECC District, I feel that not only leaving Sullivan is a bad plan, maybe a new facility or expansion would be great for the college in Sullivan.

Sullivan, like most communities, is battling a ton of challenges with crime, drug activity and juvenile delinquents that need boot camp and a hickory switch but we are experiencing growth in several areas and I believe we are going to continue to not only see that in Sullivan but in surrounding communities such as Oak Grove Village and West Sullivan.

Why was this campus closed without any input from the community? If one was held we were not made aware of it, to my knowledge.

I know that a Sullivan manufacturer has worked with the college to provide money and equipment to train people in their respective fields; I’m told that the classes offered at Sullivan may not have been essential classes needed for young students; I’m very troubled that as a tax payer in the ECC taxing district that I pay taxes to the college and it operates a campus in a community that is not, again to my knowledge, having residents pay taxes to them in Rolla.

These are all things I want to learn more about and provide our readers and community with my findings.

This is food for thought!

Secondly, Sullivan Alderman Ward One, Michael J. Ryan, Jr., was scheduled to have a small retirement presentation at Sullivan City Council meeting Tuesday, April 18, at 7 p.m. with Sullivan and State recognition for his years of service to the city.

Lets face it, an Alderman in the city of Sullivan as in most communities, serves to make a difference, see that their community is in a better place then when they began serving, serve the taxpayers to the best of their ability and Michael J. Ryan Jr., in my opinion, has done that.

Ryan served as an Alderman from 1995-1998 and 2001-2017. He has been a part of so many changes in the city and often been the steady hand!

Thank you Michael Ryan Jr., for your service to our community!

Last but not least, we have very exciting news coming with Sullivan Independent News and our sister publication New Haven Independent News.

We are very excited to announce that E-Edition subscriptions will be available very soon along with state of the art websites for each publication following months of research, work and viewing many different designs and features.

The E-Edition has been something we have sought out to get done immediately and the new web sites will go hand in hand with our social media formats and our huge success with our Facebook page allowing everyone a one stop site for all of our social media sites and capabilities.

I have no doubt that people are going to find the new web sites and our commitment to deliver news the best way possible going forward!

Our print editions continue to be and always will be the backbone to our operations and we ask that if you enjoy all our news features, programs, social media content, be sure to subscribe to our papers, purchase them on our news racks or soon on E-Edition.

I look forward to providing more on this in our April 26, 2017 edition of the Sullivan Independent News!

Thank you all for your continued support of our news families!

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