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McCulloch Resigns As City Collector

By James B. Bartle

Sullivan City Collector, elected April 4, 2017, and officially taking office Wednesday, April 19, Mike McCulloch, resigned after being sworn into office Wednesday morning.

More on this article will be in the April 26, 2016 edition of the Sullivan Independent News, however McCulloch released this statement: “I am overwhelmed by the amount of support shown by my family, friends and citizens who campaigned for me as the Sullivan City Collector. I appreciate those who put out signs, shared my Facebook page and spread the word that resulted in my being elected as the City Collector. I am humbled by the support and kindness. I began training for the position after April 4, election and soon learned the job requirements are different than what I thought. I have given considerable thought to my willingness to continue as the City Collector and know in my gut I am not comfortable taking on this role. I know this will disappoint those who voted for me, however, I feel there are too many risks to the tax payers. I have gained the utmost respect for what the job requires and have confidence in Judy McPherson as the City Collector. Thank you for your support.”

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