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Senior Spotlight: Chris Fritz

chris fritzBy Raven Gross

Always one to keep it short and simple, Christopher Fritz is another one of Bourbon High’s soon to be graduated seniors. Coming here in eighth grade, Fritz made an impact while he was in baseball for two years, basketball for two years as well, and track for one year.

Handshakes with the guys and getting pumped up to My House by Flo Rida will be a couple of the many things Fritz will miss about high school.

Recently he achieved one of his biggest accomplishments and enlisted onto the Marines. Fritz  is ready to go out and see what the world holds for him.

During his time at BHS, Fritz enjoyed many memories that he made with his friends at Wurdack Farm. He made a lot of memories inside school and outside school.

He and his diverse group of friends constantly went on adventures together, including hiking and playing basketball.

He also likes to spend time with his grandpa, who influenced him to be humble, and the rest of his family, including his four older brothers.

Fritz’s one wish in life is to have fun.

He tells us that he hates whenever people can’t let go and have a good time every once in awhile. Because he enlisted in the Marines and wants to focus on that, Fritz doesn’t work.

Whenever he’s not at school, he likes to go for a run or go hiking,or anything that is physically stimulating for him and will help him be successful in the Marines.

Fritz will be missed whenever he leaves Bourbon High. Wherever he does go, he will be sure to take his prized possessions with him, which are Kobe Bryant and Shaq’s jerseys he has hanging up in his room.

Fritz is motivated to do well in life and refuses to let anything stop him. His advice for underclassmen is, “Stay focused and keep on track with school.” He also says, “Never let fate decide your destiny.” which he says is a quote that has helped him become something he never thought he would be.

As he leaves Bourbon, he is also still making his mark. Trying to make his last days more and more exciting, Fritz will be sure to enjoy the adventures the world holds for him.

He has used this last year to really make a connection with his friends before he leaves. Bourbon High wishes Fritz the best and thanks him in advance for his service to our country.

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