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Same Show, Different Day

Dear Editor,

I commend Missouri Senator Schatz for coming to the aide of the boat owners in  Missouri, but I have a gripe that affects many more people than the boat owners. I’m talking about the Television Industry.  What or who is the watchdog of that industry?  Let me say now that who or what that is supposed to do that job…..IS FAILING.

For years, I have been forced to pay for “gosh awful” channels that I never watch, but  am forced to “take the package.” I pay and pay for shows that were being aired 50-60 years ago when my children were growing up! Does that seem fair to you? Doesn’t to me! Oh, they brought back reruns of “Murder, she  wrote,” “Hart to Hart,” “Columbo,” “Diagnosis Murder,” etc., etc., and they were good shows in their day, but they are airing them over and over and we all know them by heart and are still paying. I think they are laughing at us. Some of us don’t have the fancy “smart phones” (or whatever they are called) the hand held gadgets or the internet for entertainment. People like me…OLD, disabled, housebound and live alone, have nothing except the television for our entertainment. There was a time when restrictions were placed on the television industry.  They were allowed only so many commercials and a certain number of times that the show could be interrupted. What happened? Recently, I counted 7 commercials in ONE interruption and we all know that there are 4-5 (maybe more) interruptions on even the 30 minute shows. Do the math! It has reached the point where the commercials are more entertaining than the shows. EXCUSE ME!

I don’t mind paying for television….well, yes I do….but it would not be so bad if the shows were worthwhile. I have paid month after month, year after year for the same old same old and no one cares. I pay for 115 channels just to be able to view 13 that I watch occasionally. While searching through the 100+ channels the other day, my eyes caught “THE LONE RANGER.” Well, bless my soul…That actor and all the other actors of the old, old shows have been dead for years and still we have to pay for their shows. Maybe one letter won’t make a difference, but it can’t hurt and it makes me feel better that I’m trying to do SOMETHING. What do you think?


Mary C. Gibson

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