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March 8, #daywithoutawoman

Dear Editor,

In this era of attack on rights of all kinds it is absolutely necessary to raise awareness and protest this war on the rights of all human beings and specifically women.  The Women’s March on Washington is especially concerned about equity, justice and the human-rights of women and all gender oppressed people. March 8, was declared a #Daywithoutawoman. Perhaps you haven’t heard about this and perhaps you won’t notice, but I encourage you to think about what your daily life would be like without the women present in your life.  Are they (YOU) not entitled to pay equity, unbiased access to health care, and freedom from sexual harassment in the workplace and on the streets?  Unfortunately, we are still fighting misogyny, not to mention racism, xenophobia and gender bias, in 2017.  And I frequently ask myself, why are those people who talk about getting government out of their lives, so adamant about controlling the lives of others, especially women?


Ellen Bowles

Steelville MO

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