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Fluoridation Repealed In Sullivan, Three Ordinances Approved

By James B. Bartle
The City of Sullivan will no longer be adding fluoride to its municipal water supply following actions of the Sullivan City Council, Tues., May 19, during their regular meeting.
The council voted unanimously to repeal city code 705.050 which required the city to add fluoride to the municipal water supply. The city ordinance had been approved in 1994, but since then health recommendations to reduce the levels of fluoride in public water had decreased nationwide.
The council approved ordinance 3667 which eliminated the fluoride requirement.
Two other ordinances were approved unanimously by the council which included:
Ord. 3668, which allows for mutually agreed upon locations for a police repeater to be installed on the Fidelity tower in downtown Sullivan and in turn Fidelity will install three internet camera feeds to the city in selected areas along with access for installation, operation and maintenance of wireless internet services at Campbell-Chapman Park.
Ord. 3669, approved a 30-day contract with Strothkamp Excavating for the reconstruction of Mattox Drive located on the South Service Rd. next to the new Mercy Physicians Building. The cost of the project is $73,623.74.
Under Requests and Petitions the council approved two requests that included the Meramec Community Fair Parade to be held on Tues., June 23, at 6 p.m. in downtown Sullivan and a request for Sullivan High School to hold a fireworks performance from Galactic Fireworks for the SHS Class of 2015 Graduation ceremony.
The council approved an emergency contract to replace the bathroom and shower flooring in the Sullivan Swimming Pool Complex due the opening of the pool. A delay in advertising the work for bid would cause a delay in the pool opening. The council waived the bid and approved one of two bids for the project estimated at $6,600.
The monthly bills were approved by the council in the amount of $1,116,413 after being reviewed by Alderman Michael Ryan, Jr.
The council went into closed session where they discussed one matter of litigation, one matter of personnel and four matters of real estate with no actions being taken.
The council came back into open session with Mayor Dennis Watz announcing the he would like to serve as the City Emergency Management Director with City Administrator J.T. Hardy serving as the assistant. The council approved both of these items.

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