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New Time For Easter Egg Hunt On Saturday

By Jeff Tolle
The Bourbon Booster Club’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt starting time has been moved to 11 a.m. on Sat., Apr. 19.  Parents should bring their children, aged 12 and younger, to the City Park, where the plastic eggs stuffed with candy will be well-hidden and waiting to be found.
The Easter Bunny has promised to be in Bourbon this Saturday to visit with local children as they search the park for the hidden treasures. Please bring your own camera to take pictures of the children as they have fun hunting for eggs.
A long-time tradition in Bourbon, this Holiday Festival had its origins in Germany. Legends and folklore tell of an egg-laying rabbit named “Osterhase” who became a favored character of local children.  Each yea, around the spring equinox, the children would make nests and place them outside their homes for this special bunny to lay her eggs in. German immigrants to Pennsylvania brought this tradition with them when they settled in America during the 1700’s. The children’s nests soon became baskets, and “Osterhase” turned into “The Easter Bunny.”  Parents started hiding the eggs for the children to find, and the gaily decorated eggs were prized by all.

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