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Dog Shot By K9 Officer March 28

Bourbon Police Chief Mike Pennock reported to the board of aldermen on Tuesday that K9 officer Josh Callahan justifiably shot another dog that was reportedly coming at him and the K9 unit Vader on March 28.

The dog was not seriously injured, as the bullet went through the skin. Neither Callahan or Vader were injured.

Police took the injured dog to the Sullivan Veterinary Office and a bill has been submitted by the dog’s owner for $337.

City Clerk Cathy Bremer said MOPERM (Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund) recommended that the city pay the bill.

City Attorney Bob Davis asked why the city should pay the bill when the dog was shot justifiably. Before the board can approve it, Davis said he would look into it.

The dog has apparently recovered, as outgoing alderman Mike Delashmit said the dog was running loose and barking at him when he was walking his dog one night earlier.

Pennock said the dog is “gentle as can be.”

According to Pennock, him and his wife were walking around the side of the building looking at Vader. Callahan had Vader out of the car. Pennock said the next thing he heard was a gunshot. He turned around to see Callahan with his pistol down by his side with Vader’s leash behind him.

The dog’s owner was reportedly rummaging around through a dumpster behind the Town Tavern.

The injured dog jumped inside the patrol car and was reportedly bleeding “all over the place.”

“What a fiasco,” said Pennock.

Pennock said the dog’s owner knew it was his fault and that he should have him tied up.

After discussion of the incident, Davis recommended that the city approve a policy on K9 procedures that Pennock put together.

“I think we should have it in light of what just occurred,” said Davis. “The chief has approved it.”

Board members passed it unanimously.

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