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Trash Fee Increase To Be Discussed Tuesday

Bourbon aldermen were set to discuss increasing trash fees for city residents on Tuesday in a workshop. The city agreed to a new three-year contract with Swinger Sanitation in January and must adjust the fees.

Currently, residents pay $11 per month, but the new agreement with Swinger provides 96-gallon polycarts that aldermen hope will lead to a cleaner, tidier city.

The polycarts cost an additional $2 per month.

Ward 2 Alderman Mike Delashmit suggested that the city charge a $2 increase for the first year, then back-to-back $1 increases over the final two years of the agreement.

Ward 2 Alderman Stanley Bell suggested that the city add up the total cost of the new contract, including the polycart and the annual big item pickup, and “break it down.”

“We’re not in it to make money,” said Bell.

The city has to decide soon since Swinger will be delivering the polycarts in the next 6-8 weeks.

Swinger will charge $10.23 in the first year, $10.43 in the second year and $10.63 in the final year.

Aldermen declined a cheaper alternate bid from Swinger that would have included just once-per-week pickup for $9.92.

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  1. suzyjane says:

    i personally would love a big poly cart. however they decide to pay for it. it will look much nicer.

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