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Thieves Steal Girls Softball Association Equipment Items Were Takes From Storage Shed

By James B. Bartle
It’s often been said that there is nothing lower than a thief or thieves that steal from a church or from children and the elderly.
This week thieves have stepped to a new low in Sullivan as the Sullivan Girls Softball Association reported that all of their equipment was stolen from their storage shed in Oak Grove.
According to Matt Dace, League President, and Stacy Counts, League Treasurer, the thieves cut the lock to their storage unit and appropriated 19 bags of equipment from the storage building, which was last checked in late fall 2012.
“We had checked the sheds in the fall and had returned on Saturday to start going over the items for our league sign-ups and when we arrived we learned that someone had cut our lock and removed everything the league had stored in the building,” said Counts.
“They cut off the lock and took all our equipment and then peeled up metal inside our shed to gain access to the shed next to ours and it appeared everything was gone from that shed as well,” said Dace.
The equipment taken in the theft included: catchers gloves and equipment for every team in the league, bats for the teams, along with boxes of softballs.
“We’ve really been able to bring the league up just two years ago we had 220 girls playing and last year we had over 300,” said Dace. “We had so many girls turn out that we bought new equipment for two divisions just last year,” said Counts.
It’s just sad,” said Dace. “We held our first tournament ever in April 2012 with all the proceeds benefiting the Tianna Stockley Scholarship fund where we raised some $2,200 for the scholarship fund through the tournament. Now we get hit with this and with little funds available if we don’t receive some donations to help replace the equipment were gonna have to cut into the number of games we play.”
Dace and Counts stated that the SGSA, Sullivan Girls Softball Association, operates at a break even league and are a not-for-profit organization.
“The fee’s we collect during the sign-ups go to help pay for things like our city rent for the ball fields, our umpires, insurance and other items,” said Dace.
While the incident is under investigation by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, the league most move forward and at this point they are seeking  donations which can be made to SGSA, P.O. Box 464, Sullivan, MO 63080.


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  1. juttel says:

    Seems like Oak Grove could hire at least one cop with all their Wal-Mart tax revenue.

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