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Teen Party Brings A Number Of Alcohol Summons

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department handed out a number of court summons Saturday evening after answering a complaint of a teen party involving alcohol off Red For Rd., near St. Clair.

Sheriff Gary Toelke reported that officers arrived at the residence Saturday evening and observed numerous subjects flee from a large bonfire into the nearby residence and into a wooded area.

A deputy viewed the interior of the basement observing numerous teenagers sitting around a table with alcohol present, however they ignored his orders to come to the door of the home.

Deputies, according to Toelke, were able to make contact with an 18-year-old male, who was hosting the party, at the front door of the home.

Deputies entered the home and found numerous teenagers hiding throughout the residence with a large quanity of empty alcohol containers in plain view along with a keg of beer which was located in the bathroom closet.

During the investigation at the home deputies issued 11 citations for people under the age of 21 visibly intoxicated.

One adult male and the 18-year-old party host received court summons for failing to stop persons under the age of 21 from consuming alcoholic beverages. Five juveniles under the age of 17 were also found at the scene and were ultimately released to the parents after being contacted by deputies.

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