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Man Arrested For Pills, Paraphernalia

A Union man was arrested by Bourbon police on Mon., Feb. 11, after he was found with pills and drug paraphernalia at Mobil in Leasburg.
Ian J. Hohlt, 31, is charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance.
Police responded to Mobil for a report of a disturbance in progress involving two intoxicated subjects.
Officers met with Hohlt, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and if he had anything on him. Hohlt said no, but an initial search revealed a small purple pipe with residue in his coat pocket.
Hohlt told officers that he had forgotten the pipe was in there.
Hohlt gave consent for a search of his vehicle. While searching, an open pill bottle was found that was prescribed to a female subject that was with Hohlt.
The medication was listed as Diazepam, known on the market as Valium.
Officers asked Hohlt if there was anything else they needed to know. He said that he had a metal container in his upper coat pocket, but that the female he was with placed it in there.
After opening the container, pills that appeared to be the same as the pills in the medicine bottle were found.
Due to the medication not being prescribed to Hohlt, he was placed under arrest.


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