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Five Scholarships Offered Through Fidelity

Five $500 scholarships are being offered through Fidelity Communications from PRIMO (Public Relations Independent Marketing Organization).
The organization, founded in 1992, consists of marketing and public relations employees of independent telecommunications companies across the Midwest.
Applications are available online at www.primomkt.com.
Although the applications must be submitted to Fidelity’s offices, Fidelity does not choose the five winners. Fidelity will select the top three applications and then send them in for consideration to the PRIMO Scholarship committee.
The PRIMO Scholarship committee will review the top three scholarship applications from all member companies. Once the committee selects the winners, they will notify Fidelity, which will alert any winners in its service area.
Any undergraduate student with a parent or guardian who currently has Fidelity as a service provider is eligible for this scholarship. Preference is given to students choosing marketing, public relations, or a telecommunications-related field.
All applications must be completed and submitted to Fidelity by Mar. 22, 2013. Students can drop off or mail applications to Fidelity Communications PRIMO Scholarship, Attn: Craig Montgomery, 64 N. Clark, Sullivan, MO  63080.  Fidelity will forward the top two applications to PRIMO by April 5, 2013.


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