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Circle K Purchases Dickerson Petroleum,Gas Marts

By James B. Bartle
Gas Mart, located at the corner of Hwy. 185 and South Service Rd., Oak Grove, will soon be operating as a Circle K, as Circle K’s parent company Alimentation Couche-Tard, Inc., an international Company purchased all 29 Gas Marts owned by Dickerson Petroleum.
The 29 Dickerson stores operate the majority in Illinois with 25,  but are also in Missouri, with three,  and one in Oklahoma.
The Gas Mart stores of Dickerson Petroleum, often featured Phillips 66 fuel, and began in 1971 by founder Tom Dickerson, who passed in 2001.
Dickerson Stations began in 1977 and was family owned, doing business under the Gas Mart name.
Dickerson/Gas Mart employed over 300 people in the 30 stores they operated with 24 hour service.
It is believed that all employees of Dickerson/Gas Mart will be able to retain their positions at this time.


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