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Chief Wants To Relocate Police Department

Bourbon Police Chief Mike Pennock told the board of aldermen last Tuesday that problems at the departmental building has gotten bad enough that he wants to relocate.

Pennock is eyeing a building on Highway C that is currently a flea market. He held up a picture of the building to show the board want he wants.

“Wrong time. wrong place,” he said, implying that the time might not be right for a move.

But he said evidence is being ruined, walls are rotting and mold is growing.

Three years ago the city discussed possibly moving the department and consolidating the court with city hall.

In March 2010, before Pennock had been hired, aldermen reviewed a list of repairs needed at the police department’s current building on Pine Street. The board found that the cost of repairs would be more than the building is worth.

When Pennock came aboard, improvements were slowly put in.

Then-court clerk Sandy Martin told aldermen in 2010 that there were plastic bags shoved in the frame of the windows to keep them in place.

Board members also discussed the possibility of moving the police department to the city shed where it used to be, along with city hall, before burning up in a fire in 1997.

Ward 2 Alderman Stanley Bell told Pennock last Tuesday that the city wants the police department on Pine Street so they have a presence.

Pennock discussed possibly consolidating all the departments again, which he says would save on heating and cooling.

He ran down more issues that come with being on Pine Street.

“There’s no parking,” he said. “We’re freezing in winter. There’s no insulation.”

We’re out of storage. Files are being ruined.”

The building Pennock is looking at would cost approximately $225,000 and is 10,000 square feet.

Board members decided to push discussion of the issue to a workshop on Tuesday night.

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