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Forward-thinking Employment Opportunities Two Franklin County Workshops Merging and Expanding Capacity

Sheltered  Industries of the Meramec Valley (SIMV) and Sheltered  Workshops, Inc. (SWI), two of the most highly regarded sheltered workshops in the state have decided to affiliate their operations to maximize their potential growth and services. Both share the same vision-delivering exceptional  results to their manufacturing partners, while providing meaningful employment to individuals  impacted by disabilities. Both are well-respected, leading providers in Missouri.
The affiliation will be known as Empac Group Inc. SWI’s CEO, Bob Koch, said, “Our leadership team made the decision to adopt a completely new operating name, to indicate our partnership in the joint venture.  Our mission is to develop and provide alternative employment and vocational training options for people with disabilities.  The name Empac Group Inc. represents the impact we intend to make, as a high-quality, reliable industrial resource for area businesses as well as an effective employment resource for people with disabilities in Franklin County and the surrounding area. Our tagline, ‘Employ. Empower. Excel.’ describes how we will interact with our business customers and our employees.”
The affiliation will expand current vocational opportunities for persons with disabilities beyond the workshops to now also include employment in community businesses. Eric Giebler, CEO of SIMV, Inc. said, “Currently individuals  with disabilities who are seeking employment have limited options. We will now have the capacity to be proactive  in assisting individuals  find jobs in the community as a whole. We believe our history of success, coupled with our community contacts, positions  us to be highly effective in achieving our mission.”
SIMV has been located in Sullivan for over 20 years with a focus on packaging and assembly at their facility. They have their own fleet of delivery trucks to help meet the logistical needs of their customers. They were also the first packaging and assembly facility of its kind in the state of Missouri to have their quality processes certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO). As a result, SIMV is known for their consistent, high quality and punctual  delivery.
Eric Giebler, CEO of SIMV, Inc. said, “ISO certification has pushed  us to improve our already effective quality assurance services. We have been able to maximize efficiency while providing flexible production operations, customized to the specifications of the customer. The results  are consistent quality processes that are utilized on every project. Affiliating ourselves with Sheltered  Workshops Incorporated expands that capability even further, allowing us to take on larger projects and ultimately create more jobs—our mission.”
Giebler added, “We are fortunate to have the support of Developmental Services of Franklin County (DSFC) in the facilitation of this process. The interaction and support of the various disability organizations throughout the county has been instrumental in streamlining the project.”
SWI, in Washington, MO, was developed  in 1967 after a county survey found an overwhelming need for a sheltered workshop. SWI’s CEO, Bob Koch, an industry leader, currently serves as the President of the Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers. Koch said, “We believe that in this increasingly  competitive marketplace, innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors are essential. Our affiliation with SIMV, will create more capacity, enhance  services and diversify revenue. The impact of our affiliation is two-fold. Because we can offer more services to our business customers, we will create more jobs. Additional jobs will allow to us to more effectively address the large waiting list of individuals  seeking employment and training
Empac Group Inc. is a new corporation under which both the SWI and SIMV locations will operate. See EmpacGroupInc.com for more information.


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