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Accidental Death on Bourbeuse River

At approximately 4:00 PM, Franklin County Communications received a call of a body in the Bourbeuse River off Shawneetown Ford Road East of Union.  Kids in the area had been checking traps and discovered the body.

The investigation revealed that the victim, Gerald Richards, a 59-year old white male was living in a camper at a small camping area near the Bourbeuse River.  Those who knew the victim stated that he liked to set by the river and feed the ducks.  It appeared that he had fallen in to the river and could not get out due to a steep embankment.  Detectives reported the embankment extremely slick making it difficult to climb.  Bread crumbs were located on the bank next to the body along with broken ice.  At this point the investigation indicates the death was an accident.


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