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Toys For Children in The Hospital Over The Holidays

For the fourth year, the Jennings family has made it an annual tradition to purchase an assortment of toys for children that have to come to Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital over the holidays. The Jennings family does this every year in memory of their son and brother Robert. Robert was killed in an unfortunate accident when he was hit by a truck at the age of nine. The family was at the hospital with him for a week before he passed and became an angel. In order for all kids to understand that it does not have to be so scary to go to the hospital, the Jennings family does fundraisers all year long to provide toys for area children when they go to the emergency department through the holidays. Regardless if they are visiting someone in the ED or being seen themselves, the Jennings family wants children to be more at ease in the healthcare environment.
Their four large gift wrapped boxes of toys were delivered to the hospital by Shawn Jennings and her family in loving memory of her son Robert Jennings. Robert was a fun, loving and giving child who touched the lives of many. Robert was a donor who helped 2 children and two adults live a life he could not. Robert helped his mother with charities as he was growing up and always wanted to help more. In loving memory of Robert Jennings, this toy drive has been going for four years and will continue throughout the years. This coming year as you see the family setting up and doing fundraisers, take a few minutes and see if there is something you can do to support this exceptional tradition. This goes for a wonderful cause and you never know if your grandchild, child, brother, sister or other loving family member will be the recipient of such a treat. “The gift of toys for children during the holidays is such a wonderful tribute to Robert. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of the Jennings Family to the young patients coming to our hospital” commented Amy Wildhaber, ED nurse manager.
Pictured left to right with the toy donation: Skyler Gable, ED administrative assistant, Shawn Jennings, Cassandra Jennings, Austin Schirmer, Cody Eye, Angelia Jennings, Amy Wildhaber, ED nurse manager and Carmen Wacker, Chief Nursing Executive.

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