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PWSD#1 Completing Water System Upgrades

By James B. Bartle
Public Water Sewer District #1, (PWSD#1), is working on a massive water system upgrade for the small community located off the North Service Rd., between West Sullivan and St. Cloud.
The first part of the project has been completed with a complete sand blasting inside and outside and repainting of the districts 30,000 gallon water storage tank.
“When the water tank was drained for this upgrade, the tank inside was completely clean and no water tests from the tank or the well head ever came back bad,” said Robert Hathman, PWSD#1.
The tank required specialized paint and proper safety installations to exterior access equipment.
With the water tank complete, the district is now installing 6,200 feet of six inch main water lines with flush valves. If the district should expand, it could ad fire hydrants replacing the flush valves.
Several shut off valves are also being installed so that if a water main break would occur in a specific area, the district could continue to provide water to the unaffected areas.
The project will also include $94,500 to chip and seal the roadway in the subdivision which is damaged due to installation of the new water lines.
In all the project is expected to cost some $810,600 which is being paid for through a $359,600 Community Development Block Grant; United States Department of Agricultre Rural Development Grant in the amount of $211,000 a loan from the USDA-RD in the amount of $240,000.
The design and engineering on the project is being conducted by Hurst-Rosche Engineers Inc., Arnold, and the contractor on the water project is Mid State Pipeline Maintenance, L.L.C. of Belle, MO.
The project is to be completed by the middle of March 2013.


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