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Faithfully Active Grant Ends: MBSH To Expand Outreach In Community

By Emily Zelch,
Health Educator, MBSH
Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital’s goal for the 3-year Faithfully Active program was to give churches the information, resources and equipment needed to increase physical activity within their congregations. Several of our church partners went above and beyond our expectations by extending their programs to the greater community as well.
As November draws to a close, so does the Missouri Foundation for Health grant that sponsored Faithfully Active programs. For Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital, this means focusing our efforts on some promising new community outreach projects, including the development of a Healthy Sullivan Coalition and the completion of our first Community Health Needs Assessment.
For Faithfully Active churches and their wellness teams, the end of this grant is just the beginning!  Faithfully Active churches have worked closely with MBSH to provide opportunities for physical activity in Sullivan over the past three years. Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital hopes the Faithfully Active experience will be a springboard for local churches to promote healthy, active living for years to come through outreach programs and activities.
The hospital will continue to support our faith community in promoting health and wellness.  While grant funding is no longer available to churches, the hospital can still provide technical assistance, informational resources and referrals to churches. Please contact community health educator Emily Zelch at ele1828@bjc.org for more details.
Faithfully Active churches recognize that spiritual and physical well being go hand-in-hand.  Their creativity and dedication has touched the lives of people of all shapes, sizes and denominations through Faithfully Active.  Congratulations to the following churches for all you have done to improve the health of our community through physical activity (and please keep up the good work!):
Temple Baptist Church
Sullivan Christian Church
Peace Lutheran Church
First Presbyterian Church
St. Anthony Catholic Church
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
First Baptist Church
New Testament Baptist Church
First Assembly of God
Sullivan Family Worship Center
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Faith Assembly of God
Grace United Methodist Church
Hopefully the relationships formed during the Faithfully Active grant period will continue to grow as Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital begins the Healthy Sullivan Coalition, a project that will unite local churches, schools, outreach organizations, businesses and city leaders to increase healthy eating and bike/pedestrian safety in our community.


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