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Dangerous Building Hearings, Monthly Bills Top Council Agenda

By James B. Bartle
The Sullivan City Council will meet for the final time in 2012 on Tuesday night, December 18, beginning at 7 p.m., with a public hearing on three properties designated as dangerous buildings.
The properties to be razed include, 422 Sappington Bridge Rd., 260 E. Euclid and 231 N. Center. The properties have gone through all the proper notification and the hearing will determine if the city proceeds with demolition and if so, the city will place a tax lien on the property for the expenses incurred during the demolition.
The council had no requests or petitions and was expected to receive reports from the Planning and Zoning Commission, Sullivan Airport Board and the City Administrator J.T. Hardy.
Under the monthly bills, the city was expected to pay $1,173,934.47 that included: $566,841.41-Sho Me Power; $60,479.34 Missouri LAGERS employee retirement program; $47,010.37 to UMB Bank for wastewater treatment plant payment 57; and $15,576.53 to Oak Grove Village for their share of Walmart Tax Revenue.
Two bills will be introduced for approval as ordinances that include:
Bill no. 3555, which would approve a minor subdivision at the corner of Highway AF and Airport Rd. that combines two lots into one lot. The property is currently zoned M-1 and is owned by Sheltered Industries of Meramec Valley, Inc. The workshop would be able to expand in the rear of the building of their present manufacturing operation.
Bill No. 3556 would approve rezoning property, owned by Corey and Melissa Martin, located at 217 N. Church, from R-2 to C-1. Planning and Zoning held a public hearing on Dec. 11, 2012 and recommended approval of the rezoning request.


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