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Suspect Arrested For Auto Thefts After 100 MPH Pursuit

A Pacific man was shot after trying to flee authorities and a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy was treated for injuries after a bizarre incident on Thursday.

Timothy J. Kalter, 31, Pacific, was arrested following a two-week investigation into auto thefts in the Pacific area. Kalter was identified as a suspect and authorities made several attempts to stop and arrest him, resulting in pursuits that exceeded over 100 mph.

They were discontinued due to safety concerns.

Kalter was wanted for felony probation violation.

On Thursday, detectives with the sheriff’s department began surveying the Gray Summit area, where they believed Kalter was visiting. Authorities were notified that a vehicle had been stolen from the Eureka area around 11 p.m. on Wednesday and Kalter was the suspect.

Thursday afternoon, a car deal from St. Louis County reported that the vehicle possibly stolen from Eureka was at his location. It was advised that a subject fitting the description of the suspect had dropped it off and taken a blue 2002 Mustang with Texas license plates.

Around 3 p.m., detectives spotted the Mustang pull into the Garden Way Motel with Kalter driving. Other deputies responded to the area, hoping to make the arrest.

Kalter left before their arrival.

Several minutes later, deputies spotted Kalter pumping gas at Burger King in Villa Ridge. One deputy ordered Kalter to the ground, but he ignored it and got in the vehicle.

The deputy reached through the window through the steering wheel in an attempt to grab the keys, but Kalter was able to start the ignition and leave with the deputy’s arm hung in the wheel.

The deputy fired two rounds at the suspect, striking him in the arm and torso, but he still continued to flee.

Minutes later, investigators received information of a possible sighting in Eureka near the penitentiary. Bloody clothing was located along Old Highway 66.

Pacific firefighters notified authorities that they had observed a vehicle pass their station on Osage Road in Pacific with a female driver.

St. Louis County police spotted the vehicle and made a traffic stop westbound on Interstate 44. A female was driving the vehicle.

It is believed that she was transporting Kalter to the hospital.

She surrendered without incident.

The deputy that was injured was taken to Mercy Hospital in Washington to be treated. He was released and his injuries are not serious.

Kalter was taken to Mercy Hospital, but later moved to Creve Coeur. His condition is not known.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has been requested to assist in the investigation in relation to the shooting incident.


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