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Schatz, Copeland, Straatmann Win County Seats

By James B. Bartle
The General election is over and in Franklin County 67.66 percent of the legal voters turned out to cast their ballots or 47,148 of the 69,684 voted Tuesday, Nov. 6.
In contested Franklin County races, Michael A. Schatz, Rep., received voter approval to serve as Second District Commissioner with a decisive victory of Dem., Teresa Connelly. Schatz received 12,665 votes to Connelly’s 7,979.
In the race for County Assessor Rep. Tom Copeland received 27,367 votes to Dem. Angela Beckett, 16,009; and Lib. Robert Trokey, 1,668.
A close race was observed in the Office of Franklin County Public Administrator with Dem. Mary Jo Straatmann receiving 22,737 votes to Rep. Julie Bowen, 22,366.
Those running uncontested Tuesday included: Rep. Tim Brinker, First District Commissioner; Rep. Gary Toelke, Sheriff;  Debbie Aholt, Rep., Treasurer; and Rep. Gael Wood, Circuit Judge Cir. 20, Division One.
The Strain Japan School question which sought a tax increase on the $100 assessed valuation was approved by voters with 236 yes votes to 189 no votes. The increase will go from $3,1842 to $3.5342 per $100 assessed valuation.
The City of Gerald approved a one-cent sales tax increase for transportation improvements with the lowering of real estate taxes. The issue was approved 318 to 190.
The Franklin County question for a tax increase for Developmental Disabilities failed for a second time by a vote of 24,406 no to 20,746 yes.
How did the county vote in National and State races?
In the race for President Rep. Mitt Romney received 29,387 votes to President Barrack Obama, Dem., 16,342.
The race for Senator was very close with Dem. Claire McCaskill taking 21,818 votes to Rep. Todd Akin receiving 21,276.
For Missouri Govenor, incumbent Jay Nixon defeated Rep. Dave Spence, 22,861 to 22,331.
Other races voted on in the county included Franklin County voters choosing the following: Lt. Govenor, incumbent Peter Kinder, 26,209 votes to Dem. Susan Montee, 16,215; Secretary of State, Rep. Shane Schoeller, 24,330 to Jason Kander, Dem., 18,903; State Treasurer, Rep. Cole McNary, 21,942 to incumbent Dem. Clint Zweifel, 21,077 and Attorney General, Dem. Chris Koster, 22,353 to Rep. Ed Martin, 21,200.
Franklin County voters also voted down Constitutional Amendment 3, 34,577 to 9,110; approved Proposition A, 27,565 to 16,117; voted against Prop. B, 27,020 to 19,163; and approved Prop. E, 28,801 to 15,299.


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