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Man, Woman Confess To 12 Burglaries

By Ryan Storz
A man and woman confessed to 12 burglaries in central Franklin County last week after a witness helped tip authorities.
Joseph R. Lauth, 27, Hickory Ridge, was arrested and charged with burglary, with a bond set at $25,000 cash-only. His female accomplice has not yet received any charges against her, but the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department said she is a 24-year-old from Washington.
The investigation revealed that the man and woman were selling the stolen items they collected for heroin in St. Louis.
Lauth said that his female accomplice would go to the door to see if anyone was home. She would remain by the front to keep watch while he would normally find a rear entrance into the residence.
Jewelry and other smaller items were stolen.
The pair committed four burglaries alone on Monday, Oct. 29 between Union and Washington in the area of Forrest Hills and Country Club Lane.
During the investigation, a witness told authorities that they had observed a suspicious vehicle in the area of one of the burglaries on Oct. 29. The description given by the witness was believed to be similar to a vehicle associated with a suspect in a current narcotics investigation.
The vehicle was located and fit the description given by the witness.
Further investigation continues.


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