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Council Closing In On EEZ, Number of Items Covered Tuesday Night Several Streets Will See Nova Chip In 2013

By James B. Bartle
The Sullivan City Council has taken another giant step in providing a much needed economic tool for the city to lure economic development and aid existing manufacturers. The council also discussed a number of issues including providing the new Nova chip street paving to many streets in 2013.
With no requests or petitions and no committee reports the council moved forward with City Administrator J.T. Hardy’s report to the board.
Hardy stated that the 2013 Streets scheduled for Nova Chip/Ultrathin Bond, is double from the previous year as the council works to catch up on streets that would have used the older style of chip seal process. This will be the third year for the new program and streets scheduled for improvement are: Hughes Ford Rd., Orchard St., South Olive, South Park, Fair St., Hillcrest, Raymond Av., Madison, Mill, Beeman, and Missouri Av. Hardy added that reimbursement from the Sullivan Road and Bridge Fund should assist in offsetting the increased spending.
Three bids for brush girding at the Sullivan Compost Site were received with the low bid being accepted from Fick Supply Inc., Wildwood in the amount of $23,500. The budget had set aside some $25,000 for the project. The highest bid was from Braik Brothers Tree Care, Columbia in the amount of $55,000 and the second lowest bid was Hansen’s Tree, O’Fallon, in the amount of $27,775.
The council approved the sale of three surplus property items that were advertised for bids. The items were awarded to; Schmidt Auto, $4,160 for a 1991 TopKick GMC Dump Truck; Mack Sales, Cuba, $1,236.46 for a 1995 GMC Sierra; and Ernie Wapelhorst, Sullivan, $2,100 for a 1990 Brush Bandit Chipper.
The council approved the advertisement request from Administrator Hardy and Parks Department for the surplus sale to the highest bidder for a 1994 Chevrolet 3500 dually and a 2005 Kubota ZD 28 front deck mower with a 72 inch deck.
Mayor Tom Leasor and Administrator Hardy reported that Franklin County Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer is seeking council approval for the county to proceed with a local use tax on out-of-state vehicle purchases. Griesheimer feels that since the Supreme Court ruled on the matter that cities or counties without a local use tax cannot require residents who purchase vehicles out-of-state to pay the county and city sales tax.
Griesheimer feels that this puts local car dealerships at a disadvantage to those across the river in Illinois.
The council has asked Griesheimer to attend the council’s next meeting to speak on the issue.
A hearing has been set by the council for December 18, 7 p.m. for action to be taken on the razing of three properties that have failed to have been repaired or demolished by the homeowners following months of notices from the city inspector. The properties scheduled for razing at the hearing are: 422 Sappington Bridge Rd., 260 East Euclid and 231 North Center.
The council approved application for the 2013 Safe Routes To School Grant for sidewalks on both sides of Vine St. from McKinley to Church. The grant covers 100 percent of the project at a cost of $325,003.75.
Two Ordinances were approved by the council moving the proposed Enhanced Enterprise Zone forward and closer to a reality in the city of Sullivan.
Ord. 3541, approved improvement that are made within the EEZ can receive a minimum tax abatement of 50 percent for ten years which applies to real property. The city or other taxing entities within the EEZ area would not lose revenue from the existing tax base.
Ord. 3542, approved the application with the State of Missouri Department of Economic Development for the EEZ proposal.
Both ordinances were approved unanimously by the council and were sponsored  by Alderman Jarrett Dace.
Mayor Thomas Leasor, under Mayor’s Input presented a ordinance adopted by the City of Manchester that enacts an ordinance against picketing at funerals. The ordinance was recently upheld by the Supreme Court. The council will review for adoption.


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