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Book Signing On Saturday At Blazers

Patrick Jones has penned his first novel, “The Wolf’s Moon,” and he will be signing copies on Saturday at Blazers from noon to 2 p.m. and again from 4 p.m.-6 p.m.
“The Wolf’s Moon” is a thriller set in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and tracks a mysterious beast stalking innocent people in the fictional town of Maple Hills.
The book’s protagonist, Mark Lansdowne, tracks the beast, only to find out it has been extinct for thousands of years. Lansdowne’s past provides an element of mystery, which enables him to hunt.
Jones, who has lived in the Bourbon area for the past nine years, said that, despite being asked “hundreds of times” how he got the idea for the book, still cannot give an honest answer.
“It started out as a short story,” said Jones.
Before he knew it, he had 400-plus pages. “It just happened,” he said.
Completing the book took him over a year, with the most time consuming being the second and third drafts.
Jones has self-published the book through Create Space and he’s happy to go that avenue.
It was a big accomplishment for Jones, who said he wanted to be a writer since he was a child.
“I always loved to write, but then I had a wife and two children,” said Jones. “I had to do other things.”
Jones is now retired and said he had the opportunity to sit down and get to work.
Jones got his start by being a feature writer for his school paper, “The Pioneer,” at Southwest High School in St. Louis. A teacher pushed him towards writing.
“She said I had the talent and needed to develop it,” said Jones.


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